Buying Koi

Important Considerations

First, a quick disclaimer. The Camellia Koi Club is not associated with any vendor and does not accept any liability from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suits including attorney fees, arising out of or in connection with the performance of any vendor, including vendors that advertise or participate in any Camellia Koi Club event.

Purchasing koi for your pond is an important decision for the pond keeper and requires careful consideration beyond the type of koi.

Before you buy koi

Pond characteristics
filter quality and capacity
water flow
bottom drain
Current fish (koi, goldfish and others)
Quantity and size
Water quality and chemistry
pH, kH
Prepare Quarantine tank and filter
Old Pond Syndrome
New Pond Syndrome

Buying koi

Health Considerations
Appearance of koi
Koi Herpes Virus and other possible ailments

After you buy koi

Survival in a bag of water
Introduction to the Q tank - fish in, water out
How long in the Q tank?
Temperature in the Q tank?
Treating for possible problems

Must-read articles

New pond syndrome
Old pond syndrome
Koi in a Bubble
Columnaris Flexibacter

Q and A

Additional Information

The Camellia Koi Club offers on-going education about koi husbandry through its monthly meetings and articles published in the monthly Koi Ahoy newsletters (archived on the website) and additional articles published and posted on the Camellia Koi website.

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