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Past articles of importance and interest are available here. These articles were written by various club members including Jerry Kyle, who is internationally known and respected for his articles and contributions to Koi hobbyists and good Koi husbandry.

Jerry mixes two parts science and one part humor when he writes an article. His articles are always current and are based on the latest, verified, information.

Note: Please read Jerry's more recent articles in the Koi Ahoy Newsletters.
Check back with us. This section will be updated starting in March, 2015 with additional articles and features.


Title Author   Date (Yr-Mon)  Topic
Fish Parasites (20 MB) Dr Vergneau-Grosset 2015-03 Koi Care
Why Did You Join Our Club? Jerry Kyle 2009-08 Club Activities
UCD Vet Scott Weber Reprint 2009-07 Koi Care
Koi Meds - We Learn and Change Jerry Kyle 2009-07 Koi Care
The Koi Health Advisor Program Jerry Kyle 2009-06 KHA
KoiZyme Jerry Kyle 2009-05 Koi Care
Unwelcome Guests and Other Tales Ellen Evans 2009-04 Koi Care
Koi Health Advisors (KHA's) are not Koi EMT's! Jerry Kyle 2009-04 KHA
Can We Invent a Plan to Justify More Koi in a Small pond? Jerry Kyle 2009-03 Koi Care
Do You Procrastinate? -or- Flush Them Away! Jerry Kyle 2009-01 Koi Care
Non-healing Wounds are Common This Year Jerry Kyle 2008-10 Koi Care
Salting a Pond Jerry Kyle 2008-09 Koi Care
Showing What We Did Is Important Jerry Kyle 2008-08 Club Activities
Rules for Building a Fail-Safe Pond Jerry Kyle 2008-06 Pond Building
Who Cares? -or- Sometimes We Gotta Rant Jerry Kyle 2008-05 Pond Care
How Bad Can Nitrates Really Be? Jerry Kyle 2008-04 Koi Care
Is It Spring Yet? Jerry Kyle 2008-03 Koi Care
Scrape and Scope Jerry Kyle 2008-02 Koi Care
Cold Weather Koi Jerry Kyle 2007-01 Koi Care
Pond Build pt. 3 Jerry Kyle 2006-11 Pond Building
Pond Build pt. 2 Jerry Kyle 2006-10 Pond Building
Pond Build pt. 1 Jerry Kyle 2006-09 Pond Building
Dead or Alive? Jerry Kyle 2006-06 Koi Care
Pond Log Ellen Evans 2006-04 Koi Care
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